Technology, Medical Education, Research
and Clinical Service in the 21st Century

By C. Adebayo Adebamowo 

“All of us are fascinated by the future, because that is where we will live the rest of our lives.” - Criswell

The occasion of one’s birthday is always one for sober reflection and stocktaking. This is so in the life of us humans and should be no less so in life of an institution, especially one as venerable and as important as the University College Hospital, Ibadan, the “father” of all medical institutions and the progenitor of the most significant medical services and research centres in Nigeria. To many people outside Nigeria, there is only one medical institution in Nigeria and that is the University College Hospital, Ibadan. While this is no doubt partly due to its pioneering role in medical education in Nigeria, the outstanding clinical and investigative work of its staff is of no less importance. It is, therefore, quite appropriate that as it graduates into middle age, a period that also coincides with the expectation of a new millennium, it should pause and reflect. 

The question on whether the University College Hospital, Ibadan has fulfilled the expectations of its founders is one that should exercise all our minds. However, as we ponder it, we must not forget the equally important one of what the future holds. Illustrious as our past is, and difficult as our present circumstances are, we can and must build our future. Defining an agenda for that task is the objectives of my paper today.

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