Professor Abiodun Ilesanmi’s Stewardship

When Prof. Abiodun Ilesanmi was appointed the new CMD of the hospital on 01 March 2003, he immediately swung into action by reorganizing the hospitals entire administrative structure and initiating major reforms, in line with the Federal Government’s Health Sector Reform Programme.

By the time of Prof. Ilesanmi’s appointment, the hospital had been in steady decline, due to poor funding from the federal Government, the hospital’s major source of subventions. Standards had also been Compromised due to staff indiscipline, scarcity or non-availability of essential medical facilities and equipment.

Moreover, many of the equipment still functioning were obsolete, some of them as old as the hospital itself. Staff morale was at its lowest ebb; patients had become disenchanted and had generally lost confidence in the services being provided at UCH.

Major Achievements

Revenue Collection

Prof. Abiodun Ilesanmi launched his reform agenda in the Accounts Department by introducing revenue collection by commercial banks, thereby replacing the former system of using hospital staff as revenue collectors. Fountain Trust Bank was subsequently appointed in 2004, to collect all the hospital’s revenue.

The new system had an immediate impact: the hospital’s revenue increased phenomenally from less than N20 million/month to an average of N35.40 million/month and incidents of fraud took a downward spiral.

The Board of Management has since approved additional banks to collect the hospital’s revenue. It is remarkable that this bold and imaginative initiative has been copied by many hospitals and at least two state governments in the country.

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