Health Management Demands In The 21st Century

F.G. Adekunle Cole 

Mr. Chairman, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen 

In the past 30 years, health care has become one of the most challenging, expensive and dynamic of all sectors of human activity. In these days of visioning in Nigeria; thanks to Vision 2010, I believe it is now mandatory, if not crucial that health management demands be adequately addressed. I have mentioned 30 years because I have been actively involved in Health Management both in the public and the private sectors since 1967 and if one looks outside our shores to advanced countries like the United Kingdom and USA, one will come to the conclusion that the demands of health management are really very crucial because choices are becoming harder and more constrained and there now exist, tools for making the right choices. As real incomes grew and people’s expectations and standard of living advanced, several societies found ways of overcoming the financial problems of access to medical care for the generality of its citizens except the wealthy.

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