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Chronicles of Medical History in Africa I

Annals of Ibadan Postgraduate Medicine is introducing a new segment that will focus on the historical aspects of medicine in Africa. This premier edition is starting from home, Nigeria. The History of modern medicine in Nigeria started with the University College Hospital, Ibadan. From ancient times to the present, man has been interested in trying to control disease. The medicine man, the priest, the herbalist and the magician, all are major players in the ongoing battle between disease and man.

A history of medicine thus contributes a review of accomplishments and efforts, false theories and misinformation and mistaken interpretation. It is a study of the evolution of man and human knowledge; of the biographies of eminent individuals who developed medicine. Medicine is built on the best of the past achievements. 

The Board of the Annals of Ibadan Postgraduate Medicine wishes to recognize the intellectual contributions of three Giants of Medicine who made indelible impact and left a legacy of excellence for which the University College Hospital, Ibadan is known.

Today, we honor these men…

  1. Prof. B. O. Osuntokun, Consultant Neurologist, Department of Psychiatric and Neurology and Professor of Medicine
  2. Prof. E. L. Odeku, Consultant Neurosurgeon and Professor of Surgery, Department of Surgery.
  3. Prof. R. B. A. Adeloye, Consultant Neurosurgeon and Professor of Surgery, Department of Surgery

The two articles that come after these biographies were reproduced from West African Journal of Medicine of 1965 and 1969 where they were originally published.

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